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FlexWage Solutions


FlexWage delivers a workplace based solution that saves employers money, while providing financial empowerment to their workforce.  FlexWage combines the financial inclusion features of a Visa or MasterCard payroll card, with its’ patented WageBank.

FlexWage Payroll PayCards

Every live paycheck issued on payday is costing more time and money than necessary. By paying employees who still receive paper checks with a FlexWage Payroll PayCard, you reduce the payroll costs, streamline your payroll processes, eliminate lost checks, and provide your employees with a faster, safer way to receive their pay. A payroll card program is complimentary to your direct deposit program, utilizes the same process and will help you achieve 100% electronic pay.

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FlexWage WageBank

FlexWage WageBank provides on demand, instant access to a managed portion of earned, but unpaid wages. Millions of working Americans frequently find themselves in need of funds between paydays. When faced with financial shortfalls, employees without access to traditional credit resort to expensive alternatives. FlexWage WageBank solves the problem by providing automated access to a portion of earned but unpaid wages, based on employer policies.

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Financial Empowerment Benefit

Many lower and middle income employees pay exorbitant fees for basic financial services, which drives financial stress. 40 million US households are underbanked, making financial stress the primary distraction for employees – your employees; impacting workers well-being, performance, attendance and job satisfaction.

  • The alternative financial services market is estimated at $375 Billion annually
  • Bank Overdraft fees cost employees $32 Billion 2013
  • The 75 million employees who are forced to utilize alternative financial services make up more than 28% of the US workforce
  • The average payday loan user will access ten loans per year, paying $600 in fees

State Approach to Paperless Pay

States that permit paperless pay