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FlexWage Payroll PayCards have proven to be a win-win for all participating employees as well as the employer. For those un-bankable employees, this is a great opportunity for each to develop a relationship with a bank and to be free from having to pay for their weekly check cashing. Employees no longer have to drive to work on their day off or on a vacation day to pick up their check. No more lost checks, checks washed in the laundry, etc.! No more check and printing costs. No more bank reconciliations.

FlexWage has also helped reduce payroll processing time! So easy and secure. With what we thought would be a resistant workforce, the employees have embraced this method of payment so positively. The implementation went flawlessly, the software and process is so user friendly, and Workforce Technology Partners assisted in guiding us to a smooth transition from live checks to PayCards. Thank you FlexWage and WTP!
– Patti Heard, Royal Oak Enterprises