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Pay Employees via the FlexWage Payroll PayCard

No Need to Issue Costly Payroll Checks Anymore

Employees are Happier and More Productive

FlexWage (Payroll PayCards & WageBank)

Offering employers two excellent ways to help low to middle income employees alleviate payday payroll challenges; and achieve 100% Direct Deposit!

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FlexWage Benefits

Instant Access

With FlexWage, employees can access core financial services and accrued wages instantly – allowing them to resolve unplanned expenses quickly and easily.

Reduce Stress

FlexWage helps employees reduce financial stress, increasing their focus, productivity and satisfaction.

Safety and Security

FlexWage eliminates the need for employees to carry their entire paycheck as cash, increasing safety and security.

Our Vision Statement:
To positively contribute to the improvement of the financial quality of life for lower income, mostly ‘Un-Banked”, Americans.
Our Mission Statement:
To provide a high quality solutions (FlexWage Payroll PayCards & WageBank, Basic Financial Management Training and Accountable) to employers to save time, effort and money; resulting in greatly improved financial empowerment and quality of life for their lower income and disadvantaged employees.

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